The Soca Bantons 13

The Soca Bantons Vol 13

So allyuh Ms Bharath is back and this week is LACARAY in the highest order. From discussing Sasha Singh, the asking for a friend hashtag, Carbon’s dislike of Soca to sexual behaviors in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean, we touch on everything and anything in this podcast. Rhoda lays down the knowledge and gives us some interesting things to think about this week. The Soca Bantons Log on, Subscribe, Share and tell a friend.

This is the list of books that you can read if you want to know more about our history and origins.
1. Guinea’s Other Suns – Maureen Warner-Lewis.
2. Central Africa in the Caribbean – Maureen Warner-Lewis.
3. Trinidad Yoruba – Maureen Warner-Lewis.
4. Seven Slaves and Slaver – Anthony de Verteuil
5. The Book of Trinidad – Bridget Brereton and Gerard Besson
6. A History of Modern Trinidad – Bridget Brereton
7. Race Relations in Colonial Trinidad – Bridget Brereton
8. History of Trinidad – Lionel Fraser
9. The Yoruba Speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of Africa – A.B. Ellis
10. The Came Before Columbus – Ivan van Sertima.

Shal Marshall-Doh Drag D Flag (Defend It)-Soca 2011
Swappi-Bucket-Soca 2012
Destra Garcia-Welcome Back (final edit)-Soca 2011
Farmer Nappy-I Pay For This-Trini Soca 2010
ROY CAPE ALL STARS-Ah Horn Is A Horn (feat. Derrick Seales)-Soca 2001
Machel Montano-Rolling (Road Mix)-Soca 2008
Kes Feat.MadMen-General Don-Soca 2015 Singles
Skinny Fabulous-Rumble-(Bad Dog Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons-Miss Behave-(Bad Dog Riddim)
Timmy-Bumper Catch a fire-Soca 2004
Machel Montano-Hard Wuk-The Return
Machel Montano-Your Time Now (Skorch Bun It REMIX)-Soca 2017 Road Mixes
Machel Montano-Witch Doctor (Road Mix)-Soca 2013 Road Mixes
Machel Montano-Illegal-Hit Single 2011
Machel Montano-Sound Bang-Soca 2014 Singles
Young Voice-Bass-Soca 2015 Singles
Destra Garcia -Runroad-Soca 2017 Singles
Bunji garlin-RED LIGHT DISTRICT (MP3)-Soca 2014 Singles
Machel Montano-Gyal Wuk-Whistle Riddim
Machel Montano-Push Bumper ( Remix )-Push Bumper Riddim
Destra Garcia-High-Soca 2008
Square One-Top Class Bubbler-Soca 2002
Super Jigga TC-Speaker Boxx-Flagship Riddim
Shal Marshall-Whole Day-Flagship Riddim
Flipo-DOH TELL MEH FLIPO {{SMJ}} REFIX straight mix-Soca 2014 Singles
kes the Band-Incredible-Soca 2017 Singles
Lead Pipe & Saddis-Ah Feeling-Axiom Riddim
Lyrikal-Ramajay-Sumo Riddim
Mx Prime-Destroy Everything-40 ft riddim
Bunji garlin-So & So-40 ft riddim
KING BUBBA-This Is The Life V2.1 [2017] 134-Soca 2017 Singles
Kerwin Du Bois-All Kinda Kind-All Kinda Kind
Michelle X-Head Bad-On D Road-Soca 2012
Version-Pania (Instrumental)-Soca 2012
Destra Garcia-Pania-Soca 2012

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