Carbonation is back once again…

The third time should definitely be a charm… There was some little blurb that I wrote about getting into my mind. Something about some folly about my thoughts…

Who Am I?

The idea revolved around the question – who am I? Carbonation ver3. is my 3rd attempt at taking a look inside of the mind of DJ Carbon Copy getting you familiar with the thoughts that revolve between the headphones as well as to keep you up to date on what’s going on with me, your DJ…

Browse the links above or take some time to go through my posts, photos or videos and feel free to comment or leave a suggestion for what should take place next.

DJ Carbon Copy.

Follow me on Twitter, add me as a friend on Facebook, become a fan on my Facebook Fan Page or just send a plain old email to: carbon (at) djcarboncopy (dot) com replacing the (at) and (dot) with @ and .

The Soca Promo Pool will soon be coming to you for all the interested DJs as well.

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