First I gotta shout DJ-RJ in Austin, Texas 1 time – No crime.

Funny enough that’s what this is about -YOU, the people I play for. Lets get through the basic stuff first…

So there is this version:

Trinidad and Tobago is the the land of soca, chutney, the steelband and much more. Here, music is my life. Carbon is the basis of all known life on Earth. Music is my life. Some other stuff would prolly go here that sounds as if it twas straight from a tourist board commercial.

There is this version (which I prefer):

Long John Silva - The Original Team
The original team

My life has many realities and Carbon is one of them. I (Carbon) began as the eMCee for my original crew, Long John Silva, whose original members took their time and energies to introduce me to music, life and DJing in its many forms.

I’ve been the biggest DJ in Trinidad and Tobago from the beginning. No doubt. Standing 6′ 6″ I can’t hide when I’m in the room and I make my presence felt.

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