Lame “Dancehall”

Sophia McKay/New Image Promotions, a Kingston-based promotions, publicity and artistes booking agency, has issued a release that lashes the current crop of dancehall music producers, with specific focus on the quality of the music they are producing. See details below.

Sophia McKay/New Image Promotions’ Message For ‘Lame’ Dancehall Producers

This music called Dancehall is endangered. It is endangered because some Producers of Dancehall beats have not done their homework as it relates to the genesis of the music. Many who call themselves producers are ignorant to what is Reggae or oblivious to what constitutes an authentic Reggae song and how Reggae music’s offspring Dancehall came about. It is a lesson that has not passed the attention of other nationalities, as one has only to listen to the beats created by some European Producers. Their interpretation of the authentic Reggae beat sounds as if it had been taken from a book. Whilst locally some producers seem not to care about what lies within the covers of this book: our own Reggae/Dancehall Bible. Hence the ‘rubbish’ many of them create and label as “Dancehall.”

This practice has serious implications, some of which have already transitioned into reality. The music is losing its identity and this is happening at a time when sales have drastically declined for Reggae and Dancehall music worldwide. As a result, the local industry is suffering from the repercussions and it will only be a matter of time before some of these very producers have to resort to probably, ‘planting corn.’ Well, planting in general is not a bad task, but as it relates to the music, message is simple: “What you reap is what you sow.”

It is indeed a good suggestion that those who wish to excel in the field, should first get the facts and then get busy. There are some who seem to believe that things have changed, but in response I say, ‘though things have changed, they still remain the same.’

Some producers lack creativity and believe that if they mix/fuse two popular beats, that they are actually creating a ‘new sound.’ Well I am sorry to say that there is nothing new about it. I want to therefore challenge these producers to put on their thinking caps and create Dancehall beats that have never been made before; yet having all the components of an authentic Dancehall rhythm. I challenge you to reinvent the whole Dancehall sound if possible, without the fusing of a popular Hip-Hop beat with a Reggae/Dancehall beat, then turn around and tell well thinking persons that it is NEW!

Original article can be read here.

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