The Return Of Jeremy Harding To Music Production

Just like the name of his debut rhythm fearless, producer and manager Jeremy Harding has proven himself to be just that in his attitude towards life business and music.

Starting out years ago as a youngster with a love for music, Harding turned to disc jocking while living in Toronto.

Harding soon found his calling as a producer and musician and, from there, became the high-profile manager of International star Sean Paul.

Demonstrating some of his guitar skills to The Sunday Gleaner recently in his high-tech 2 Hard studios, Harding pointed out he had done the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and is back to his first love – music.

In the ’90s when the ‘Play-ground’ rhythm was launched, Harding was a producer to look out for with hits such as Who Am I/Sim-Simma with Beenie Man, Infiltrate with Sean Paul and Nike Air by Mr Vegas. he described his sound as ‘experimental’. He said, “the point of view which I took as a record producer was really from being a DJ and learning how to manipulate records, and using samplers and studying a lot of hip-hop production outside of Jamaica, where I think at the time most of the producers came from an instrumentalist background.”

It was his background that lead to Harding’s ‘unique’ electric sound that attracted a then-struggling Sean Paul. Harding started working with Sean Paul as his manager in 1997 after recording much of his work and handling his business interests.

Harding soon filled the role of the steadying and calming person around the rising Sean Paul.

While he is still managing Sean Paul and Stephen McGregor, Harding is based in Jamaica where he works on his 2 Hard label.

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