Ninja Man Still Trying To Get Bail

He’s been in jail since March 2009 pending trial on murder, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm charges, but lawyers representing dancehall deejay Desmond ‘Ninja Man’ Ballentine are now making a renewed effort to have their client bailed. Despite numerous bail application denials over the past year and a half, the latest step is that they will be going to the Judicial Review Court in an effort to have him released on bail.

The 44 year old Ninja Man has argued that the prosecutor was ill-informed by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and misled the judge to believe that he was the head of a gang called the Umbrella Crew. This contributed to his bail applications being denied. Ballentine has said however that he established the Jamaica All for Peace One Umbrella Movement Ltd. in April 2008 to campaign for peace and to assist the less fortunate in the society. Ninja Man’s lawyer has submitted recommendations for his client from Robert Montague (Minister of State responsible for local-government issues), and school principal Lenworth Taylor, both confirming that the artiste was involved in community activities in St. Mary, and was now in the process of building some classrooms at the Jack’s River Primary School in St Mary.

A date is to be set for Ballentine’s application for leave to go to the Judicial Review Court where it will be assessed and the judge’s no-bail decision upheld or overturned depending on the findings.

Original article can be read here.

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