Michael Jackson, 1958-2009: Rest In Peace

One of the most prolific performers of my time has just passed. I really don’t know what to make of this surreal moment, today, Thursday, June 25, 2009. While his last decade has been mired in controversy, the reality is that the child that we met so long ago did live on right in front our eyes, no different to Peter Pan ironically. Words cannot capture the magnitude of his creative genius as the Thriller album lives on in my mind to this day. From listener to DJ his hits walk with me and music lovers all over the world to the nightclub and to the dancehall and move us all to our core.

Michael in his moment.
Michael in his moment.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Michael Jackson, the child star turned King of Pop who set the world dancing but whose musical genius was overshadowed by a bizarre lifestyle and sex scandals, died on Thursday. He was 50.

I was not around for the early days of the Jackson 5 and some would say right there that I missed out on alot. To be honest from what I heard I did. The 80s brought me Michael the solo act walking on the street – lighting up on each step. I was hooked. I didn’t know Billie [Jean] but I knew that she was not his lover.

Casey Kasem entrenched his many dance moves and profound images into my mind. His effortless spins, flashy dance moves, even flashier costume and of course the lengendary – often imitated, never duplicated – moonwalk.


I sit here in studio listening to his many hits and while Man in the Mirror plays and I admit publicly that Michael has influenced many so positively in so many uplifting ways. Here’s to you Mike. I made that change. We’ll miss you. Rest in peace my brother. R.I.P.

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