Message To Jamaica From Bounty Killer

The escalating widespread crime and violence in Jamaica, as well as the security forces’ brute force efforts to stamp out criminal elements in parts of Kingston, has seemingly prompted the ‘Grung Gaad’ – Bounty Killer – to speak out. Just yesterday, he spoke his mind via a Blackberry Messenger broadcast, and we’ve featured it below (with minimal edits):

“Jamaica me a warn unuh again. Unemployment, Uneducated, Unattended to, broken Homes, single Parents, Motherless, Fatherless, no Role Model or good Mentor to Emulate, no youth centers, no work shops, no sports or musical activities, no nutten in the garrisons or ghettos; then there is the guns, the drugs, the dons with the money, the violence, the crime, the peer pressure, if u not bussing it up u are a fool; and all these conditions – politicians created the dons instead has to go house to house or individually to persons him get the dons who choose who and who get a thing less headache 4 him but the dons strength is in the youths so what we must do is to start focus on the youths raging age eight to twelve get them in youth programs, educational programs, sports and muzik programs; as well as kill out all criminals from now on; yes the youths are the future and unuh leave them up to the dons to tend to and care 4 that’s why they are ready to die 4 the dons; let us be the dons and help the youths; why u think I been doing it, helping youths over years and still doing it; the devil finds favor in idle hands and how many idle hands we have in this country come on now don’t just kill out thugs but also kills out what causes youths to fall on the thug path; stop cure, let’s prevent. GRUNG GAAD A TALK JAMAICA WE TIRED!!”

Original article can be read here.

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