Gyptian in bike crash – Singer sustains cuts, bruises

Recording artiste Gyptian, born Windel Edwards, was involved in a motorbike accident along Molynes Road in St Andrew yesterday, in which he sustained minor head and shoulder injuries.

The accident occurred in the vicinity of the Olympia Crown hotel at around 6 p.m.

When THE STAR arrived at the Andrews Memorial Hospital where Gyptian was being treated in the Accident and Emergency Department, he was in high spirits as he related the unfortunate ordeal.

“Mi an Nitty Kutchie did a ride out from Flava Squad studio, ’cause mi did waa ketch a vibes an when mi reach Molynes Road a man just walk out inna di road,” the reggae artiste said. “As mi swing di bike outta him way, him run inna di same direction, an wi just collide … Mi couldn’t avoid it.”

The pedestrian who was involved in the accident has not yet been identified, but is said to have also suffered minor bruises and is being treated at the Medical Associates Hospital in Half-Way Tree.

“Mi nuh know who him is, mi neva see him before,” Gyptian said.


Nitty Kutchie did not suffer any injury as he was on a separate motorbike.

According to Ivor Ruddock, Gyptian’s manager,who was present at the hospital, an MRI scan was done and the doctors have confirmed that there are no abnormalities with the Hold Yuh star’s brain, “So they are going to release him,” he said, “but the results for the X-ray for his left arm will not be available until tomorrow (today).”

Ruddock further stated that they have not yet made an official police report, but the father of the man involved, who is believed to be the owner of the Olympia Crown hotel, has already made an official report to the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

The motorbike is said to be badly damaged.

Gyptian, who is looking forward to the release of his album, entitled Hold Yuh, set for next month (July 20), wants to let his fans know that he is okay, saying: “Mi deh yah same way!”

Among the well-wishers at Gyptian’s bedside were friends, family members, and Christy Barber, vice-president of VP Records.

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