The Soca Bantons Vol. 8

The Soca Bantons Vol 8

Right people the pace is here 1 week to go. If you haven’t hit a fete as yet and you are involved in the carnival then something is wrong. But don’t worry this week we are giving you the first Soca Bantons Mixtape. 2 hours of the 2017 bangers you would need to keep you pumping during the next week or so and beyond. So people as per usual listen, download and subscribe.
PS. We are taking a 2 week break after this one so Dj Carbon and me will be back the 2nd week in March to give you more soca goodness. Oh and by the way we have a couple more surprises in store the for the next half of the season. Peace and have a safe and enjoyable carnival

Bunji Garlin- Turn Up- Soca 2017 Singles
Kes the Band- Wine Up- Soca 2017 Singles
GBM Nutron- Calypso- Soca 2017 Singles
SKINNY FABULOUS X BLACK SHADOW- When The Lights Go Down- Happy Days Riddim
Voice x Bad Royale- Get Away- Get Away
Timaya- Bang Bang- Bang Bang
Devon Matthews x Ella Andall- D Journey (Make It)- D Journey (Make It)
Voice- Far From Finished- Far From Finished
Linky Da First- Rock And Come In [Extended Mix]- Liming Riddim
Yankey Boy- Boat Rocking- Grind Up Riddim
Olatunji x System32- Midnight Cruise- Soca 2017 Singles
Calypso Rose ft Manu Chao & Machel Montano- Leave Me Alone (Kubiyashi Remix)- Far From Home
Calypso Rose ft Manu Chao & Machel Montano- Leave Me Alone (Kubiyashi Remix)- Far From Home
ITron- De Tribute (Jook & Jook)- The Waist Line Riddim
Skinny Fabulous- Ride (Radio Edit)- The Waist Line Riddim
Ultimate Rejects & X-Change- Excess- Soca 2017 Singles
Machel Montano- Fast Wine- First Carnival 2017 Single
Destra Garcia – Runroad- Soca 2017 Singles
GBMNutron- Rock You Out- Lip Service Riddim
Preedy- On The Low- Lip Service Riddim
Machel Montano- Lip Service- Lip Service Riddim
Milko- Carnival To Remember- On D Inside Riddim
Nutron & M1- On D Inside- On D Inside Riddim
GBM Nutron- Only Good Vibes- Vicey Riddim
M1 (Menace)- Vicey- Vicey Riddim
Shal Marshall- Famous- Vicey Riddim
Bunji Garlin feat 1st Klase- Dance In Paint- Soca 2017 Singles
Farmer Nappy- X Man- Soca 2017 Singles
Lil Bits- Automatic (2017 Soca) – Soca 2017 Singles
Kerwin Du Bois & Teddyson John- New Day- Soca 2017 Singles
Verse Simmonds ft Machel Montano- Magic- Soca 2017 Singles
Ricardo Dru- Iron- Soca 2017 Singles
Fay-Ann Lyons- GIRLS – Big Bad Riddim
Bunji Garlin- BIG BAD SOCA – Big Bad Riddim
Konshens & Lyrikal- ELEVATE- Soca 2017 Singles
Bunji Gariln- Good Up- Get On Riddim (JUS NOW)
Fay-Ann Lyons- High Heels- Get On Riddim (JUS NOW)
Jadel- Take Control- Soca 2017 Singles
Kes & Kernal Roberts- Shake – Soca 2017 Singles
Sekon Sta Ft. Prince Pronto & Mega Mick – Jump Out (SSquad UP)- Lil Tommy Riddim
Salty & Preedy Ft. Mega Mick – Bend Back- Lil Tommy Riddim
Zuki & TimTim- To The Point- Bashey Vybz Riddim
Kerry John – Make It Work (Bashey Vybz)- Bashey Vybz Riddim
Swappi- Backbone- Bashey Vybz Riddim
Destra Garcia- WaistLine Killer- Bashey Vybz Riddim
Salty & Travis World- Free Up Yuhself- Free Up Yuhself
XCEL 246- Pon Me- One O’Clock Riddim
Stiffy- Tek Off Something- One O’Clock Riddim
Jagwa De Champ- Back It Up- One O’Clock Riddim
Marz Ville & Snap Brandy- Bang Bim- One O’Clock Riddim
Kes x Nailah Blackman- Workout- Soca 2017 Singles
Olatunji- Tun Fo Meh- (2017) – Prod by Stadic x Wetty Beatz
Ricky T & Eempey Slicker – Freaky Girls –
Ultimate Rejects- Stage Gawd (Remastered) ft MX Prime- Soca 2017 Singles
Ultimate Rejects – Full Extreme – (Skorch Bun It REMIX)- Soca 2017 Road Mixes
Ultimate Rejects- Full Extreme- Soca 2017 Singles
Ravi B- Budget- Soca 2017 Singles
Rupee- I’ll Be Ok- Soca 2017 Singles
Damian Marvay- Know The Face- Soca 2017 Singles
Rupee x Ricardo Drue- No Name- Soca 2017 Singles
Farmer Nappy x Destra Garcia – Technically- Soca 2017 Singles
Kerry John- Drink King- Soca 2017 Singles
Asten Isaac- Rum Friend- Rankin Ting Riddim
Blaxx- Rankin Ting- Rankin Ting Riddim
Machel Montano x Bunji Garlin- Buss Head- Soca 2017 Singles
Problem Child- So Good- Wahjang Riddim
King Bubba FM- Calling In Sick (Meet Me On De Road)- Wahjang Riddim
Ricardo Drue- I.D. (Stamp Yuh Name)- Way Up Project Riddim
Peter Ram- Good Morning- Soca 2017 Singles
Kerwin Du Bois x Skinny Fabulous- Deaf- Soca 2017 Singles
5 Star Akil- Find Yuh Way- Soca 2017 Singles
5 STAR AKIL- Hero- Soca 2017 Singles
Sekon Sta – Ft. SJC Voix Riches & Allia Lewis- Kings & Queens (Main)- SSquad 2017
Omardath Maharaj Feat. Raymond Ramnarine- Ramsingh- Soca 2017 Singles
Destra Garcia- Destra VS Lucy- Soca 2017 Singles
Problem Child- That Work- Force It Riddim
Mr.Legz- Bend Over- Force It Riddim
Marzville & Problem Child- Toc Tic- Force It Riddim
Shal Marshall- Dip- Force It Riddim
Bunji Gariln- 1995- Soca 2017 Singles
Olatunji- BAZU! (Push It Back)- (2017) – Prod by Stadic
Lavaman- Cuckus Bag- Pozee Riddim
Uncle Ellis- I Doh Mind – Pozee Riddim
Mya Feat. Uncle Ellis- Ray Tay Tay (Remix)- Soca 2017 Singles
Iwer George- Take Ah Bathe- Take Ah Bathe
Terri Lyons- I Am Lion- Truck Stop Riddim
Fayann Lyons – More Then Dem- Marli Wood Riddim
Bunji Garlin- Bruk Out – Marli Wood Riddim
Machel Montano- Your Time Now- Soca 2017 Singles
Machel Montano- Beat It- Soca 2017 Singles

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