The Soca Bantons Vol. 2

The Soca Bantons crew is back and this week we have a special guest in studio with us – artist, entertainer and radio host, Richard Trumpet.  In this episode we discuss the machine, the hustle and much more. We continue our journey on trying to make a soca banton out of DJ Carbon. All this on the backdrop of some old school classics and some brand new soca joints that would make you jump up in your seat. So logon download and subscribe.

Track  List

1 Calypso Nice Xtatik Heavy Duty
2 Isis Onika Bostic Pig Tail Riddim
3 Fire (Pig Tail) Capleton Pig Tail Riddim
4 Ready Alison Hinds Pig Tail Riddim
5 I Like Merciless Pig Tail Riddim
6 Pig Tail Riddim Version Version Pig Tail Riddim
7 flood on de main road Ataklan Old Soca
8 Voom Voom Ghetto Flex
9 What They Say They Say Xtatik Heavy Duty
10 Put it Up Ataklan Atanomical
11 No Broke Player Silhouette Medalist Riddim
12 I Got What You Want Destra Garcia Medalist Riddim
13 promenade 3 Suns Medalist Riddim
14 One More Time Richard Trumpet Bodyshot
15 Bless Till It Curse Shurwayne Winchester Bodyshot
16 Doh Disrespect Bunji Garlin Bodyshot
17 Overboard Maximus Dan Bodyshot
18 Take Control Jadel Soca 2017 Singles
19 High Heels Fay-Ann Lyons Get On Riddim
20 Good Up Bunji Gariln Get On Riddim
21 Shake Kes & Kernal Roberts Soca 2017 Singles
22 Make It Work (Bashey Vybz) Kerry John Bashey Vybz Riddim
23 To The Point Zuki & TimTim Bashey Vybz Riddim
24 WaistLine Killer Destra Garcia Bashey Vybz Riddim
25 Drink King Kerry John Drink King
26 Drink King Kerry John Drink King
27 Stage Gawd Ultimate Rejects Soca 2017 Singles
28 Full Extreme Ultimate Rejects Soca 2017 Singles
29 Tun Fo Meh Olatunji Soca 2017 Singles
30 Make Me Go Angela Hunte Soca 2017 Singles
31 Deaf Kerwin Du Bois Deaf
33 Dis Iz D Band (Instrumental) Kerwin Du Bois Dis Iz D Band
34 Days & Days Ravi B feat. Kerwin Du Bois Soca 2017 Singles
35 That Work Problem Child Force It Riddim
36 Toc Tic Marzville & Problem Child Force It Riddim
37 Bend Over Mr.Legz Force It Riddim
38 Dip Shal Marshall Force It Riddim
39 I Am Lion Terri Lyons Truck Stop Riddim

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