The Soca Bantons Season 2 Vol. 01

The Soca Bantons Season 2 Vol 1

Boy people I am really sorry that I have been MIA for a while. The latter half of 2017 was really tough and I had to put the podcast down for a while. But 2018 is bringing some new opportunities and I am going back to producing a show (once Carbon Agrees). So without further ado I present to you Soca Bantons Season 2 Episode 1. Some of my pre carnival favourites and a couple bangers.So of course you all know the drill subscribe, share and enjoy.
PS All the Best for 2018 may it bring you much happiness and joy.

Sekon Sta- Aye Yo- Folklore Riddim
Turner- Holding On- Folklore Riddim
Kes- Hello- Folklore Riddim
Voice X Marge Blackman- Full Of Vibe- My Decision Riddim
Sekon Sta – LifeStyle (SSquad Intro Edit)- Soca 2018 Singles
Bunji Gariln- Bacchanal & Water- Woodslave Riddim
Turner x Machel Montano x Flavour- She Bad Remix- -2018
District 7 x Private Ryan feat. Kerwin Du Bois- Take Over- Soca 2018 Singles
Lyrikal- Yuh Bless (Clean)- Caribbean Rock Riddim
Skinny Fabulous- Every Gyal- Caribbean Rock Riddim
Teddyson John- Gimme Dat- Haze Riddim
Kerwin Du Bois & Kes – Feteland- Haze Riddim
Salty x Travis World- Trouble (2018 Soca)- Soca 2018 Singles
Preedy- Wining School- Physique Riddim 2018
Machel Montano- Rough Wine- Physique Riddim 2018
Problem Child- Middle Of Something- The 2am Project Riddim
Kes & Patrice Roberts- Like It Like That- The 2am Project Riddim
Shal Marshall- Splinters- The 2am Project Riddim
Marzville- Give It To Ya- Gummy Bear Riddim
Marzville ft. Skinny Fabulous- Give It To Ya Remix- Gummy Bear Riddim
BlackBoy- Fire (DJ Dale Radio Edit)- OUTLAW RIDDIM 2018
M1- Ups and Downs- Upendo Riddim
Turner- Champions- Upendo Riddim
Machel Montano- Take It Slow- Upendo Riddim
Voice- Year For Love- Upendo Riddim
Erphaan Alves- Overdue – Soca 2018 Singles
Fadda Moses- Push On D Truck – Soca 2018 Singles
Jadel- Round & Round – Soca 2018 Singles
Olatunji & System32- Bodyline (RADIO EDIT MASTER)- Bodyline (Single)
Dynamite- Brave- Soca 2018 Singles
Hypasounds- Dip- Dip
feezy- split in de middle- mamalay riddim
Mighty ft. Subance- Bad In Bum Bum- Local Drum Riddim
Freeezy- Badang- Ginga Riddim
Stiffy- Tip & Ben Ova (Ben Like A Pringle)- Caution Tape Riddim
MARZVILLE- GAS IT UP- Whistle & Drum Riddim
Trinidad Ghost- Bubble & Dip – Whistle & Drum Riddim
SCRILLA- WOOD- Whistle & Drum Riddim
Stabby- Wukkist [2017] – Soca 2017 Singles
Hypa 4000- Cook That Pot- Cock Up Riddim
Pumpa- Dumpa Truck- Cock Up Riddim
King Bubba FM- Drunk Day- Cock Up Riddim
Earphaan Alves – For Years- Gateway Riddim
Preddy – Gate Way – Gateway Riddim
LFS Music- No Weapon- Soca 2018 Singles
Shal Marshall- Legend- Soca 2018 Singles
Nailah Blackman ft Len Boogsie Sharpe & Mungal Patasar- Sokah- SOKAH
Lyrikal x Patrice Roberts x Millbeatz- Criminal Wine- Soca 2018 Singles
Preedy x Bunji Garlin- Share It- Soca 2018 Singles
Benjai- How Can I- Blue Soap Riddim
Olatunji,Asten Isaac,Orlando Octave,Rikki Jai,Yankey Boy- Blue Soap- Blue Soap Riddim
Sekon Sta- Soca Party (SSquad Edit)- Soca Party
Motto- BEND DONG (Official Music Video)- Soca 2018 Singles
Diztrict 7 Feat King Bubba FM Kerwin DuBois & Skinny Fabulous- Plenty Plenty- Soca 2018 Singles
Skinny Fabulous- Party Start- Soca 2018 Singles
Motto & Lyrikal- LIT- PIM PIM RIDDIM (2018 SOCA)
Skinny Fabulous- Come Baby- PIM PIM RIDDIM (2018 SOCA)
Machel Montano- SHOWTIME- PIM PIM RIDDIM (2018 SOCA)
Preedy & Travis World- Roll It Harder- Road Rage Riddim
Salty & Travis World- Bend- Road Rage Riddim
Ricky T- Sully – Soca 2018 Singles
Marzville & Stabby – FOG UP- Gwaan Bad Riddim
Mr.Legz – MUST WET ( Do Ting )- Gwaan Bad Riddim
Bunji Garlin – GO STACK A DOLLAR – Gwaan Bad Riddim
Tim Tim X Richard Trumpet- PUSH IT FINAL- Soca 2018 Singles
Denise Belfon- Jab Jab Wine- Jab Jab Wine
Iwer George- Savannah- Soca 2018 Singles

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