Death and The Artiste

In my lifetime, many artists with whom I had a connection to, died. That’s life, we live, we die no one escapes it. I remember as a teen I lost Tupac and Notorious Big. I actually cried when I heard of BIG’s death (yeah that happened). I mean, we have lost so many great artists in this lifetime and we would lose so many more in the next, but what does that mean? I think as a singer, poet, painter, DJ etc … I think we have an awesome privilege to express ourselves in a way that most people can’t, and have it documented for the world.

Being a long time fan of music (like most people I guess), I have always had a fascination with artists that either knew they were going to, or accepted the fact that they would die someday, and wanted to leave a note, a dispensation, to say something before they left.  I remember being introduced to Donny Hathaway’s music indirectly through listening to Common, who would always drop line about how he was inspired by him. I mean you can listen do Donny’s music and you can hear he was a man going through something and had something to get of his chest. As sad as his ending was, I respected his soul and the notes he left. Now I’m not saying that one must always paint a self-portrait for every piece, but I think you owe it to yourself and the people you often leave behind a piece of art that makes them understand, and that comforts them.

Today (11.01.2016) we lost an artist that was an artist’s artist, David Bowie, and as much the world will morn the lost of a great singer/songwriter, the world has a great privilege in hearing his last dissertation. David Bowie released is final album called BlackStar, while he was battling cancer.  This man knows he was dying, this man lived as an artiste and dies the same way. Take a listen to the title track of the album

and further to that the song Lazarus that was published on the 7th January, 2016

“Look up here man I’m in danger, I have nothing left to lose” David Bowie.

I hope I am as privileged as him as an artist to leave a mark on the world with regards to my art, and when I say world, I mean my world. The point is say something man, be real, be you, you never know when you’ll be ghost.

Thanks for the music David Bowie RIP and RIP : MJ, Donny Hathaway, Sean P, Luther Vandross , Kurt Cobain, BIG, TUPAC, Queen and just locally Raf Robertson, Jit Samaroo  and all the tons of artists that inspired and continue to inspire through art.


Peace, Love and Donuts.


John John


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