Mavado Explains The Stulla

ZJ Chrome’s Smokin’ riddim  has been buzzing since it hit the airwaves a couple weeks ago, but one song in particular on the riddim has generated tremendous interest – Mavado’s “Stulla” . “What’s a Stulla?” is the rhetoric question of the day from many who have heard the song, and an obvious definition is that a ‘Stulla’ is a man whose sexual prowess is unquestionable.

Dancehall.Mobi decided however to ask Mavado himself about the song, and the answer was simple – the definition is as implied, and ‘Stulla’ was not a new slang that was picked up on the streets, it’s not something that ever really existed before (although he had previously mentioned it in another song), it was simply a term that he originated, and decided to make a song out of it.

Now the ‘Stulla’ joins ‘Stamina Daddy’, ‘Wukaman’ and the numerous other Jamaican/dancehall terms that have been used over the years in reference to male sexual prowess.

Original article can be read here.

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