The Soca Bantons Vol. 19

The Soca Bantons Vol 19

Were back after a short hiatus (Big Carbon Selfie Tour Part 2). So this week we are discussing anything and everything. From the baddis whisperer aka Salty to trump to the NBA finals. Along side some brand new soca tunes and allyuh the new tune have some loose ones. So log on, Subscribe and Share.

Problem ft King Bubba Fm- Drink Something- Action Riddim
Shal Marshall- Serious Wining- Action Riddim
Mr.Legz X Luni Spark & Electrify- Bend Forward – Action Riddim
Luta- Land Ah De Living- Action Riddim
Bass aka Trilo-G- Bubble On Ya Girlfriend- Tiny-A-Ling Riddim
Peter Ram- Bumpers & Alcohol- Tiny-A-Ling Riddim
Rhea Ft Coopa Dan- Bare Trouble- Tiny-A-Ling Riddim
Jafar- BANG- Reload Riddim
Hypa 4000- Cook That Pot- Cock Up Riddim
Shaunelle McKenzie X Firstlady- Squatters- Cock Up Riddim
Lavaman- Point You Out- Cock Up Riddim
King Bubba FM- Drunk Day- Cock Up Riddim
Beenie Man- Gyal Yuh Bad- Love Bug Riddim
Problem Child- For Forever- Love Bug Riddim
Patrice Roberts- All Of It- Love Bug Riddim
Pternsky- Dey We Gone- Love Bug Riddim
Preedy- Say Yea- Parallel Riddim
Nailah Blackman- Baila Mami- Parallel Riddim
MZVEE x LYRIKAL- CALYPSO – Soca 2017 Singles
Marvay- Antidote- Soca 2017 Singles
Teddyson John- Melody- Soca 2017 Singles
Ricardo Drue- Break Up- JACK FROST RIDDUM
Skinny Fabulous- Bad Man- JACK FROST RIDDUM
Lil Rick- Advantage Of Me- JACK FROST RIDDUM
Hypasounds- Closer To Me- Soca 2017 Singles
Skinny Fabulous- Good People- Soca 2017 Singles
DaGreat White x Yana Saphire- Whining sanctuary- Titanic Riddim
Erphaan Alves- Doh Wa Leave- Titanic Riddim
Crab Soldier- Skaterz- BAD GOVERNANCE RIDDIM
SCRILLA- WOOD- Whistle & Drum Riddim
MARZVILLE- GAS IT UP- Whistle & Drum Riddim
Salty & Travis World- Free Up Yuhself (Instrumental) – Soca 2017 Singles
Marvay- Stars Align- Soca 2017 Singles
Teddyson John- Priceless- Soca 2017 Singles

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